Nothing In Common

Soon2BeCatLady, Conal, and BenJamin discuss dating, online dating, relationships, etc. and answer listener questions every Monday. Soon2BeCatLady is best known for her online dating blog: Conal lives in Philadelphia. Benjamin Kruse is the co-host of Minnesota’s morning podcast Up and at ’Em.
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Oct 12, 2015

CatLady, DrewLee, JayJay and Samantha discuss fun date ideas, in the quickest episode of NIC ever.

Oct 5, 2015

Awkward Questions, Conversation and more on this week's Nothing In Common.

Sep 28, 2015

CatLady and JayJay talk how soon is too soon to be exclusive, and how to tell if a guy is isn't you.

Sep 22, 2015

CatLady and JayJay discuss their future wedding plans, while Andrew feels left out and starts planning his own wedding.

What we love and hate about weddings,  When is too soon to invite someone you're seeing to a wedding,  cold feet and engagement rings!

Sep 16, 2015

The entire episode this time!!


Sep 8, 2015

CatLady and JayJay podcast alone, as Andrew is on vacation, and they discuss can guys and girls just be friends?   

Sep 1, 2015

CatLady, Andrew and JayJay broadcast live from the MN State Fair.. to no one.. 

Aug 25, 2015

Soon2BeCatLady gets rubbed up on this week as she makes a big State Fair announcement!!! Plus the gang talks maternal instincts this week as Soon2BeCatLady's biological clock is heard ticking away in the background.

Aug 18, 2015

Soon2BeCatLady, JayJay and Andrew discuss how to be a gentleman when online dating.  They also discuss who to send messages to.

Andrew Tinders for Soon2BeCatLady and matches her with some potential future ex-boyfriends.

Aug 11, 2015

CatLady, DrewLee and JayJay discuss online dating photos. 

What does CatLady think of guys who show off their 6 pack abs on their profiles?

What does JayJay know a freakish amount of stuff about?

Who's birthday is it?

Jul 27, 2015

Soon2BeCatLady discusses the Ashley Madison dot com hack with Andrew Lee, who is in support of the spread of STDs.  

They also discuss your best method of getting a return email while online dating (NOT on Ashley Madison dot com.  Don't use that site, don't be a terrible person!)

JayJay was missing.. but they told all his secrets.  

Jul 20, 2015

Soon2BeCatLady, Andrew and JayJay discuss cat video festivals, seeing each other naked, and actual legit dating questions on this week's Nothing In Common

Jul 13, 2015

DrewLee returns and the "gang" discusses adding injury to your online dating profile, and is it ever okay to back out of a wedding party?

CatLady and JayJay fall in love.. you know, the usual.

Jul 6, 2015

DrewLee is out this week, and CatLady is left alone with JayJay, but brought in some reinforcement,  Gigi from Champagne Babble.  

They discuss JayJay's new love interest, and does working at a video game store hinder your dating experience?


Jun 29, 2015

Cat Lady and DrewLee discuss confusing high school boys, and making a move on your next door neighbor.

Jun 22, 2015

Soon2BeCatLady, Andrew and JayJay are joined by Samantha on this week's Nothing in Common.  

They read madlibs, question JayJay on everything, and discuss at what age is it appropriate to let your child start dating.

Jun 15, 2015

Contrary to the title, this episode is not about Omaha.

Soon2BeCatLady, DrewLee and Jay Jay discuss, on behalf of the female population as best we can, a man's specs about himself.  Is he attractive?  

Jay Jay went out on a date, and Cat Lady once again found someone perfect for her, but he lives far away.  Andrew is still married.

Jun 9, 2015

CatLady and DrewLee are joined by Sam (a.k.a: "Lump")  discuss jealousy and thank-you card etiquette.



Jun 1, 2015

Soon2BeCatLady, DrewLee and JayJay are joined by an IN PERSON dating question -  "Should I tell my longtime crush that I have the hots for him?"

They also discuss who pays the bills when a couple moves in together, and the guys make British things sound dirty to make CatLady uncomfortable.

May 19, 2015

Soon2BeCatLady, Andrew and Gigi (from Champagne Babble!) answer questions. 

Can you fight your parents if they are against unmarried partners sleeping in the same bed?

If you treated your ex less than ideally and you feel bad about it, should you reach out?

May 11, 2015

Soon2BeCatLady's nightmares are turning into a reality as Andrew Lee took the day off, and she's stuck alone with the crass and unloveable Jay Jay.  

Together, they review a dating profile, answer how to answer the lamest question of all time, "What do you like to do for fun?"  and discuss when to invite someone you're dating to the cabin.

CatLady refuses to allow Andrew the day off ever again.

May 4, 2015

JayJay turns up to be crass, while Andrew describes his favorite kind of muffins.

Meanwhile,  CatLady reminsces about meeting her future husband last week.


Oh, and they also answered dating questions and stuff.


Sorry the audio is a little wonky at times!




Apr 27, 2015

Soon2BeCatLady and JayJay nurse hangovers while Andrew makes fun of them.   

We answer two listener questions regarding compromising for TV and radio, and should one cut back on volunteering to spend more time with his girlfriend.

CatLady also may have spill a spoiler regarding Grey's Anatomy, so if you haven't seen it, you may want to watch it first.

Also -  how many dick pics has CatLady received?

Apr 20, 2015

Soon2BeCatLady, DrewLee and JayJay discuss two singles events that CatLady attended over the past week.  Should they host a singles party?  Would you attend?  (Minneapolis)   Reach out to CatLady if so:

Also - Are there any *good* dealbreakers in dating?
Apr 13, 2015

Soon2BeCatLady and DrewLee are once again joined by JayJay who brilliantly suggested last week that they take a stab at profile reviews.   Since no one offered theirs up, CatLady found random matches on OKCupid and reviewed those.

Also - they address whether or not it is necessary to Google your online date before meeting.

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